Our class is learning about minibeasts.

Click on the scientist to make your own super bug!



Click HERE to look at pictures of different minibeasts. 

Click HERE to watch a video about minibeasts and their habitats.

Have a look at the lifecycle of a mealworm. What stage is your mealworm at?



8 thoughts on “Minibeasts

  1. Dear 1/2 BE,
    I like the life cycle of a mealworm because it looks cool. I like a life cycle of a mosquito , life cycle of a frog , life cycle of a butterfly and our life cycle.

    From Carly

  2. Dear Miss Beadle,
    I liked making super bugs, I do it a lot of time. When I get time to I once made a bug with a white tailed bee with wings, and a green tiger beetle. Also grass hopper that can fly also it can shoot webs

    From Wamorena

  3. Dear Miss Beadle,

    My favorite mini-beast is a ladybug because, it has wings, antennae and spots

    From Annabelle

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