9 thoughts on “Inquiry

  1. Dear Miss Beedle,
    I like our blog. We did a good job of the paper mache the lady bugs looks cute and all of them looks fantastic!

    From Caitlyn

  2. Dear 1/2 BE,
    I liked the giving tree they look fantastic I even like the hearts on the tree they look fantastic.

    From Caitlyn

  3. Dear Miss Beadle,
    l liked using adjective words.
    l liked hearing the noun town song.
    What is your favourite song?

    From Amanda, Jessie, Kenny and Anna

    • Dear Amanda, Jessie, Kenny and Anna,

      I like the noun town song too!

      My favourite songs are the preposition songs!

      From Miss Beadle

  4. Dear Miss Beadle
    I know my op words. I liked op words they are cool like Mealworms.
    Now I am showing 1/2BE op words.
    crop done I hope you enjoyed op words.

  5. Dear 1/2BE,
    I like doing forces although I knew almost all the other forces.
    Here are some forces I know: friction,air resistance

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