Metro Trains Incursion

Today we had a visit from Damian from Metro Trains.

He taught us how to be safe on trains.

Damian also taught us about the history of Flinders Street Station.

We played pass the parcel to learn about the safety features on trains.

What did you learn today?


7 thoughts on “Metro Trains Incursion

  1. Dear Miss Beadle,
    The pictures on the blog were brilliant. It was good Miss Beadle and it was really fun playing pass the parcel!

  2. Dear Miss Beadle,
    I really liked the incursion that we had yesterday.
    I hope you liked it too and by the way I really liked my pick bracelet

  3. Dear Miss Beadle

    I learned that trains can go very fast and in a train station there’s a red button so if you are lost press the red button then someone will get your parents to come.

  4. I liked pass the parcel because I learnt about trains and that you have to stand behind the yellow line near railway track because when you are going on the train there might have a little gap.

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