StartSmart incursion

Today 1/2 BE had a visit from StartSmart who taught us to be superheroes with our money.

She taught about coins and the animals that are on the coins. We also learnt about the notes.

She taught us about keeping money safe and saving our money. We learnt to:

Speed for our needs and wait for our wants!

What was your favourite part of the incursion? 




5 thoughts on “StartSmart incursion

  1. Hello 1/2 BE,
    I liked when we made the chocolate because it was yummy!
    I liked when we made lolly Art.
    From Kimberly

  2. It is very hard to listen to…Speed for your needs, wait for your wants! I wish that it would be switched around, but it never will. Only if I become the new Queen when I grow up!

    From, Nhi

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