Melbourne Museum and IMAX Excursion

The Amazing Excursion to the Melbourne Museum and  IMAX

On Thursday the 27th of April 1/2 BE went on an adventure to the Melbourne Museum and IMAX.  We went there because we are learning about bugs.

First we hopped on the white, shiny bus and drove to the Museum. It took a long time to get there because of the traffic.

Then we finally arrived and we ate our delicious snack. Next we went to the dark and foggy forest gallery. I was a little bit scared because it was so dark and slippery! When we finished there we went and learnt lots about insects.

After that we went to watch scary IMAX movie about bugs. I wore my special spy glasses, which made the bugs look like they were going to attack me! Next we ate our yummy lunch.

Finally we arrived back at our beautiful school. I had a fabulous day. My favourite part of the excursion was watching the movie at IMAX because the bugs looked awesome!