Guide Dog Incursion

The Amazing Guide Dog Incursion

First 1/2 BE and 1/2 B went to the library to meet Pam and Willoby. We were learning about guide dogs.

Then Pam taught us how she looks after Willoby and how Willoby looks after her.

Next Pam showed us gadgets she used to help her do things.

Finally we got to pat soft and cute Willoby!

I am Special!

Today 1/2 BE spoke about how God made each one of us. He made each one of us special.

Some things that make us special in 1/2 BE are we are:

  • kind
  • caring
  • funny
  • smart
  • nice
  • helpful
  • sharing
  • thoughtful
  • loving
  • fun
  • encouraging
  • try my hardest
  • smile
  • say hello to people

Good Fit Books


1/2 BE have been very busy learning how to change their own books.

Next week 1/2 BE will choose their own books to go in their book bags.

We need to choose best fit books. Today we swapped shoes and we talked about how some shoes are a good fit and some shoes are a bad fit.

We talked about how bad fit shoes hurt your feet. That means that bad fit books hurt your reading!

We need to use IPICK to choose best fit books!

Choosing a best fit book is like choosing just right book. This reminds us of the story Goldilocks.