The Little Mermaid

Last week we began to read the story of The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid is a narrative.

A narrative needs to have:

  • Title
  • Setting
  • Beginning, Middle and End
  • Problem and a solution
  • Characters

Setting : Under the sea, at the beach, in the coral reef, Prince’s castle, ship

Characters: The Little Mermaid, prince, Sea King, Sea Witch, red shrimp, four sisters, Flounder, Ariel’s Grandmother

First the little mermaid  lived with her four sisters and father under the sea. The little mermaid always dreamed of going to the surface. One day the little mermaid went to the surface and saw a handsome prince on a ship. But there was a terrible storm and the boat sank. However, the little mermaid rescued the handsome prince.

When the prince was about to open his eyes, she ran into the water so the prince wouldn’t see her tail. Then a very pretty girl was walking on the beach and the prince thought she saved him and this made the little mermaid feel very sad. So she decided to go to the sea witch and ask for a potion to give her legs. But to get her legs, she had to lose beautiful voice.

After she drank the potion, she grew legs. Then she met the prince, but he wondered why she couldn’t talk. However, she looked familiar and the prince remember the little mermaid saved him. He asked  her to marry him and the little mermaid’s voice returned. They lived happily ever after.

5 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid

  1. Dear Miss Beadle,
    I loved watching The Little Mermaid because it’s interesting. Also I loved doing our narrative becuase it was fun doing it! My favourite part was when the Little Mermaid saved the prince.
    From Cindy

  2. Dear Miss Beadle,
    I made a poem for you.
    Your Hair is bright as golden. none don’t have the same hair as you Miss Beadle. Your the prettiest hair style in the whole world.

    From Lilian

  3. Dear Miss Beadle,
    Making the Lego robot was so fun!
    The adolt’s name was zack to help us build the Lego robot.

    From lilian

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