Collingwood Children’s Farm

Yesterday 1/2 BE had a fantastic day at the Collingwood Children’s Farm.

1/2 BE’s Adventure to Collingwood Children’s Farm

On Tuesday the 9th of August, everyone in 1/2 BE was so excited to go on the excursion to windy Collingwood Children’s Farm. We left at 9:00 in the morning because the farm was so far away.

First our class hopped on the giant bus that looked like a space ship. Finally we got to the smelly Collingwood Children’s Farm and ate our delicious playlunch.

Next we met a friendly lady called Olivia and she was going to show us around the farm. First she taught us how to feed the smart pigs. The pigs were hungry so fed them food that looked like corn. Then we went to feed the huge scary looking chickens. To feed them we had to bend down and open hands like bowl.

After we met Finner the cow. Our class took turns brushing and patting the soft cow. Then we went on a long walk to meet the horses. Their names were Charlie and Toby. We fed them special hay and we had to hold it like a bunch of flowers. Next we went to see the old and pregnant sheep. We pat them and fed them sheep food. However, some of ran away when we got close to them.

Finally we ate our lunch and jumped back on the magic school bus. I had a fantastic time at the excursion.

Here are some pictures of our day: