Toucan Art

1/2 BE have been working very hard over the past couple of days drawing their toucans. We followed these instructions to help us:

Here is our wonderful work:

What was your favourite part of drawing your toucan?

image image image image image

Making Hot Delicious Milo

This morning 1/2 BE made Hot Milo!

We wrote a procedure about making the hot Milo.

Making Hot Milo


  • Kettle
  • Milo
  • Spoon
  • Milk
  • Cup


  1. First put two teaspoons of Milo in the cup.
  2. Next fill the cup up to half way with cold milk.
  3. After fill the rest of the cup with hot water and stir your drink.
  4. Finally enjoy your delicious drink!


Remember to be careful with the hot water!

Here is what 1/2 BE thought of their Milo:

My Milo tasted delicious!  – Stephanie

My Milo was warm and tasty! – Lilian

My Milo tasted yummy! – Amanda

It tasted like chocolate and milk. – Kevin D

My Milo tasted like Hot Chocolate. – Arena

My Milo tasted yummy! – Kerina

My Milo was tasty. – Jason

My Milo tasted like chocolate and it was delicious. – Victoria

My Milo was delicious! – Nathan

My Milo was fantastic!- Isabella

My Milo tasted good!- Julie

My Milo tasted very  delirious. – William

My Milo tasted warm.  – Kevin N

My Milo was good. – Jessie

My Milo tasted great! – Andy

It was hot! – Isaac

My Milo was warm. – Dinh Phan

My Milo was warm and fantastic. -Hannah

My Milo was cool. – Wamorena