Reading Groups

This week in Reading Groups, each group has been working on a play. We watched these clips to help us use funny voices and actions:

The Three Little Pigs

Three Billy Goats Gruff

Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

Which play did you like watching the most?

RACV Road Safety Incursion

On Wednesday the 17th of February Nicole from RACV came to visit our school to teach us about road safety. 1/2 BE and Miss Beadle went down to the library to listen to Nicole.

First 1/2 BE walked down the stairs as quietly as mice. When we got there, we saw Nicole. She taught us about wearing a helmet.

Second Nicole read us a story about a bear family going to school. I liked the story because it was about road safety.

Third Nicole put on the ground a fake road. We had to stop, look, listen and think to decide if we were going to cross the road. Then she gave us a certificate.

We had a fun time at the incursion and I learnt how to cross the road  safely.

What was your favorite part of the excursion?