Book Week

The students are really looking forward to celebrating Book Week which begins on Monday 24th August. Miss Nadja has been busy planning lots of activities for the week that will help encourage the children’s love of books and reading. This year’s Book Week theme is Books Light Up Our World. Please get involved where you can and prepare your children for the week’s events listed below:


The children will have a reading session in the library. They need to bring their favourite book and a teddy bear.


The children will be involved in a performance by Improv Melbourne called The Fairytale Cookbook.


The children are encouraged to dress up in clothes that have swirls, splotches of colours or any bright coloured clothes to celebrate our theme of books “lighting” up our world to make it a brighter place.


We will be having a special Book Week assembly at the special time of 12:15pm. Parents are invited to attend. Each class has been asked to come dressed in something to do with light. 1/2 BE will be making traffic lights throughout the week, so if your child could please wear all black or all white that would be fantastic. If your child does not own all black or white they can wear another colour.


2 thoughts on “Book Week

  1. Dear Miss Beadle,
    I am so exited for book week and it is going to be fun and awesome! On Tuesday are we going to get our toys and our handbooks? Or on Monday?
    From Thomas

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