End of term 2!

1/2 BE has had a fantastic time during term 2! They did lots of exciting things! Here are some pictures to remember some of the things we did:

Here are some of the exciting things we did:

*Springvale Historical Society excursion
* Gould League Excursion
*Startsmart incursion
*Paper mache minibeasts
* Learning about minibeasts
*Having our own mealworms
* Being on assembly
* Making stained glass windows for Religion
*Reading Eggs
*Going on the blog
*Typing up our writing
*Scavenger hunts

What are some of your favourite things you did this term?

Reading Eggs!

This week the children were given their Reading Eggs username and password to take home. Reading Eggs in a fantastic way to help improve your reading, writing and spelling! Here is a link to login:


Well done to Vy, Tayah, Eliza, Anh-Tai, Jayden, Erryn, Thomas and Vincent for their Reading Egg certificates!

Minibeast Creations!

This week 1/2 BE made different minibeasts out of paper plates. Here are some pictures of our great work:

What was your favourite creation to make?

Frog Scavenger Hunt

Today we went on a frog scavenger hunt! It was very fun!

Here are some of the facts we learnt:

* The poison dart frog is the most poisonous frog in the world.
*A mother frog can lay 1000 eggs in one time.
*Frogs are cold blooded.
*Frogs don’t need to drink water.
* Tadpoles don’t need to breathe.
*Frogs don’t like living in salt water.
*Tadpoles do grow back lacks.
*Frog’s eggs are squishy.
* Frog’s tongues are sticky.
*Frogs can breathe underwater.
*Frogs live in every continent, but Antarctica.  

Here is a video about the life cycle of a frog:


This afternoon we watched a video to learn more about kindness. We found out that kindness is like a boomerang. Here is the video:

What is something you can do to show kindness to others?
Did you notice anything interesting about the video?