Mealworm’s Update

The mealworms in 1/2BE tried apple for the first time. Did your mealworm like apple?

Here are some photos of some of our mealworms eating their apple:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

We also have been learning about adjectives (describing words). What are some describing words you can use to describe your worm?

‘Gr’ words

This week we have been learning about ‘gr’ words. Here is a wordsearch our class made together:

Make Your Own Word Search

Have a go at the wordsearch. What is your favourite ‘gr’ word?


Week 2 Mealworm Update

1/2 BE have had their mealworms for one week. Some people’s mealworms are growing, some are eating are a lot and some are very lazy.  Each week we all write in our mealworm diary to record how our mealworm’s are growing.

Here is what Tim wrote today:

Dan has grown and is now 4cm long. He is as fast as Flash and he likes to play and he likes to sleep in the night.

Here is a picture of Dan:


tim worm

What is something special about your mealworm?


This week we all became parents in 1/2 BE.  All the children received their own mealworms. Over the term the mealworm will go through its’ lifecycle and turn into a darkling beetle. The picture below shows the lifecycle:


What did you name you mealworm?